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The ROLL Recovery R8 is an award-winning leg massage tool that turns the dream of every day massage into reality. Providing instant, easy relief to sore and sorry legs, the R8 is your very own personal, portable leg masseuse.


The R8 is so easy to use you'll always use it! Just leave it on your lounge, in your car, or at your work desk and bust it out for 5 minutes of leg magic. No psych-up sessions needed and no rolling around on the floor required.


The R8 is so effective that you only need to use it for a few minutes every day to keep your legs in great shape. 5 minutes pre-workout and 5 minutes post-workout is even better. It's so easy to use that you will always use. Bye bye foam roller.


The R8 is small, portable, and easy to pack in your back or carry with you. You can use it sitting down or standing up; on the plane or train; in the park or in the dark; at home or at work; trackside, poolside, beachside; use it anywhere.


How much do you pay for a massage from a masseuse? If you use your R8 every day for a year you pay less than $1 per massage! If you use your R8 just once a week you still only pay $5 per massage!

Our stock is Australian-based. We ship your R8 from Melbourne and the price includes GST and a money-back guarantee.


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